Friday, February 10, 2012

Missing again!

I must say I am sorry to those who have committed to follow me. I yet again have not been keeping things up to date. It seems each time I plan to get something posted something comes up.

So in this first update a little about what is going on. Yes, I have been creating. Always have a project going on. Right now am creating Valentine's cards and treat bags.

Other Art news: Last Spring the Principle of my children's school and I started talking about an Art program for the school. So this Fall, we started getting it started. January was the first month of our Art class. It is called the "Art Docent" program with the community college. Students' and Teachers' are loving it. They wish we could have the class more often. Art class is once a month for an hour. We have an Artist to study and do a project related to the Artists work. Last month, I taught about warm and cool colors. Getting ready for this months class now.

Family News:

As of yesterday (Thursday) my daughter has had her right leg in a cast and will be in it for about 10 more weeks. She was running at recess at school and slipped in the mud and broke her leg. The lower part of her leg.
Also, just found out my dad's cancer has come back. The last two weeks have been crazy.

We may not understand all of this but know that God is in control. At times it is hard to understand the whys of life but must remember that what we can not control is best to not to worry about. All will work out. Remember that you are not alone.

My hope is that you have a blessed day. Look for a bright spot. Sometimes it maybe small but it is there.